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maps USA states achievements best 

What is your state the best at?
Lowest murder and poverty ratesBest workforce talentLowest C02 EmissionsBestState for cat ownersLowest HIV/AIDS rateBest road conditionsHighest high school diploma completionBest housing marketsHighestbachelordegreecompletionBest ruraldevelopmentprogramsLowestoverall crime rateLowest Suicide
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maps USA worst states achievements nsfw 

What is your state the worse at?
Worst sex trafficking lawsmost Iraq \ casualtiesWorst capital marketsMost workplacefatalitiesWorststatefor smallbusiness Highestalcohol abusedependencyMost racial disparity in criminal"arrestsWorstMostState for toxica weaponMost air pollution I L- -jnonprofit chemicals,-1*/highest/Worst emergency
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