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Social Justice Rangers

Somewhere onTwitterRoxanne White@normalperson Guys, I just got mugged in a dark alley. Still waiting for the police to weigh in with a solution.Guy who projects his white guilt, prejudice and self hatred onto others.Mr Lionel Jones d>yourmanig82 Oh, right, it had to be a DARK alley. Because
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You'trp noui U3dtching..Your body is fun/Well, hello there! I'm Mr Demodex. I'm on arachnid, a mite. Oh, and I live inside of your pores and follicles.What do we Demodex do, you may ask. Well...ffrouglit to you by AdricmaGanxeOver.conxWhen we are not having sex on your face, we enjoy walking all
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Dude, I'm telling you Reptilians exist, they are everywhere. They control everything! You can even see their true form on Youtube!You should stop watching those ^things, man...See?! Right there.Eh...l better leave.The moron still believes the lizard-people thing.Si i,comics,funny comics &
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wWAew no what the fuck you weirdoguys always dominated by their dick Girl left the conversation!Twdo u want to meet my monster cock 8=Dew no what the fuck you weirdoguys always dominated by their dickGirl left the conversation! V c5) ***wait, my penis is actua|,comics,funny comics & strips,
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comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,adrianagameover,lazy,eyebrows
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Oh yeah?That's dwesomef\Oh my god, that poor girl. With 5 dad like that she has no chance oPsuccess.She'll end working as a stripper or a drug dealer, I'm sure oP it.Mom, look!I Pound one oP those things nurses use! !FOR FUCK SAKS, MARy.Can't you see mom is talking to someone right now?Go play
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Sure, I II like your page on Facebook.Akusuki Moe MoeMr McHero? We call from KidsHearts would you be interested in volunteering to help the sick kids?Jon PrickEHEHEHEHE 8= ==DS3588414TweetsAngela Johnson Like Comment Share250487854086895497546487346 like thisGuy McHero omg like SO sharing dis 56
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comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,adrianagameover,baby,stork
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It looks like you have vaginal fungus, but don't worry, with the pills I gave you all will be back to normal in no ^ time. The process is quite simple.A little fat guy with an italian accent will come out of the pill and destroy the fungus.^Easy huh? Science is I-1 AWESOME!Eh... That's from a
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