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meme twitter ai EA software oral science geek 

MOTHERBOARDVICE.COMScientists Processed 109 Hours of Oral Sex to Develop an Al that Sucks DickShould have called EA they been making software that sucks dick for years.,meme,twitter,ai,EA,software,oral,science,smart jokes for clever people,geek
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gif nvidia landscapes ai sketch 

Nvidia AI turns sketches into photorealistic landscapes in seconds

link to the gif
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poorly drawn lines comics robot ai 

poorly drawn lines,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,robot,ai
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comics derkart games mmo RPG quest ai dumb escort 

Dude... could you freaking move, please? yQuest LogEscort tWe miller's soyi safely back to town.Quest detailsAbandon quest],comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,derkart,games,mmo,RPG,quest,ai,dumb,escort
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