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comics anticscomic book 

uJKatre you reading, F'etcKer?Isnt tV\at JU5t QOO+blGC cruddy paranormal romance novel?It's atout a girl with a knack for magic, ancl a Kabit of getting into dangerous situations!SKe fights terrifying monsters, all to impress the sexy w2ard sKes secretly in love witWOK no, it DOES sound! cruddy!
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comics anticscomic spirit racism 

begone, evil spirit! Your kindl are 00+ welcome in +Kis place!I called! it an ^VIL spirit, You cant just assume that all evil spirits are DPiRt^, Copernicus.&ut... why we? Uihy dlidl the ark. spirit choose to attack MC?www.anticscor^ic.coM,comics,funny comics & strips,
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comics beard anticscomic 

www.a0'Hc.5C0(v\e:.c0v'\,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,beard,anticscomic
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comics anticscomic ice cream food costume 

IV> not ^earing a costume, and IV\ oof going to the convention. I dont even Lll^E ice crea^!You knew this day would cor^e, Fletcher. Copernicus is the ene^y. He has to go. _GOTCHPi! Let 5 leave nowj 50-wait, is that a f^MlFE?!costume is the bEST.,comics,funny comics & strips,
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comics anticscomic inaudiphone 

Copernicus... inaudliphones dontMonody can even HEPlR you. It's a totallu pointless instrument!If if 5 POIUTLeSS to spend fen years practising an instrument nobody will ever hear, then...,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,anticscomic,inaudiphone
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comics anticscomic aliens gun 

1 vO\>ocs\CA is q.VnaoSV Co^e-tev.To)Fe rc^j 30DtV 1 t _______^L.^^lOctW* Ucxvje yoo -vjcrv. V>ecAor><v-joo coM.or^cA4^. OJN W cikJ2SrVrOy ir>3 MQf\^o,comics,funny comics &amp; strips, cartoons,anticscomic,aliens,gun
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comics anticscomic candle 

vaJKqVs HORRI^>LC stench?uJhy wouldl you buy a cancJle..tecause I like +he sr^ell of dog farfs, genius!,comics,funny comics &amp; strips, cartoons,anticscomic,candle
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comics anticscomic lady light 

Cheek \\ out, Copernicus! Ive installed so(v\e fv\ood> lighting, \o help r^e impress "-H^e ladies.Tcus^ rv\e, ladies are drawn \o rainbows like mo-VKs \o a -fla^e. vaia^cK -VKer^ -flock -Vo rv\e!,comics,funny comics &amp; strips, cartoons,anticscomic,lady,light
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comics anticscomic kids birth 

So I \o\ hirv4 no, biQve +be rigM- \o aHorne^. Sorry... excuse -For a '^'Run, cbildi! Grow 5+rong, anci continue our bloodline!,comics,funny comics &amp; strips, cartoons,anticscomic,kids,children,birth
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comics anticscomic dream idea 

Imagine being as happy as you could possibly be.WovAi... va/Kq' coul rv\ake you even happier? all -p your s+u-f-f +0 your pal, Fle+chec?uJell, ^his is yOOR drears. So yOO'RE +Ke ccqz one.pLeVs see... *\ ^o+ally jus+ spilballing here, bu-L.I kno^ *\ you Ve ^Kinking! V/JKaf a CRPiZy idea,
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