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Пидоры Джойреактора В Паралельной Вселенной event legend of joyreactor painted myself art 

It was a great pleasure meeting all you, fellow Pidors of!
Nice to know that there are such cool and funny guys out there, who are also MEN of culture!

Will make sure to drop by!

Anyhow, it’s not a farewell!
Take care!

P.S. here’s a small tribute I did myself for you guys!

P.P.S. moo_roar, you’re awesome! We love You!

P.P.P.S alcortje, you too)
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art erotic Sauternes french fuckihg gorgeous 

Sauternes, de faking gorgeous

art,beautiful pictures,erotic,nude girls & sexy pictures, naked photos,Sauternes,french,fuckihg gorgeous
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painted by myself art event Пидоры Джойреактора В Паралельной Вселенной 

Thank you pidory for sitting here with me. The week was interesting and the event was also interesting, although I noticed it themes almost at the end of the animal day. The art itself is my avatar, which is not difficult to notice. My skills as an artist are so-so, so what we have, we have. Good luck .com we'll be back.
painted by myself,art,beautiful pictures,event,Пидоры Джойреактора В Паралельной Вселенной
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painted by myself cat funny pictures sandbox art 

painted by myself,cat,funny pictures,sandbox,art,beautiful pictures
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art painted by myself ivent sandbox 

art,beautiful pictures,painted by myself,ivent,sandbox
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coub snow art sandbox 

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painted by myself art sandbox 

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painted by myself reactor-chan art sandbox handmade 

My first try in drawing. Hope you like.

painted by myself,reactor-chan,art,beautiful pictures,sandbox,handmade
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art made by little me trains ussr sandbox 

This is my art from the time when I was only 6 years old. Accidentally have found it while cleaning my boxes with my childhood's stuff few weeks ago.
What's on the photo?........I tried to show USSR trains from above :)
art,beautiful pictures,made by little me,trains,ussr,sandbox
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Helltaker games Noah artist art Justice (Helltaker) 

Helltaker,games,Noah,artist,art,beautiful pictures,Justice (Helltaker)

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