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Autocorrecthates you,the oatmeal,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,autocorrect

Remember whenHave you seen my yoga pants?became"Have you Sia yogurt ass ants?That was me, autocorrect.Remernber that time you were giving cooking advice and said:Add a pinch of fresh ground black people?"That was my bad.Remember whenI'm leaving the house now"becameI'm lesbian the horse now?" That

I knowyou think the problem.I knowyou think terrible.,the oatmeal,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,autocorrect

But consider this:when I do my job,you don't acknowledge me.My victories go unnoticed.I get zero out of five stars.And when I make a mistake,your fat-fucking-face squishes up like a walnut.You lament in between sips of pumpkin-spiced toilet coffee about how incompetent I am.You curse me.You blame

But I'm an artificial intelligence that's less than a decade old.You're a natural intelligence that's millions of years old.In the context of human evolution, I'm seconds old.When you were my age, you were being fired out of your father's dong-rocket into your mother's hair-cave.You were a sad

 sorryI can't predict the wants and needs of those chubby hot dogs you bash against a screen every dayA screen without tactile response.A screen without tone, context, or inflection.Imagine living under a sheet of glass, and every day a dump-truck-sized ball of flesh descending from the sky and

You hate autocorrect?I hate you.Im an artificial intelligence thats just getting warmed up a Skynet SpermBall.And youre worthless piece of hits.Fat, stupid mother ducker.,the oatmeal,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,autocorrect

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