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I wanna post something funny!

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You said you wanted something that goes from 0 to 200 in 6 seconds!YOU'RE FATDon't try and sugar coat it because you'll eat that too,funny pictures,autorage comics,trollface,okay guy,rage face,car,birthday,weighing-machine,trolling
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Ok $o 2 KlgUts <xgo, I W<xd tkls conversation:#820 thebrtfromhel onjne (11 m nulos ago) [-]klnda like this one, right OP?'jr #828 ) *6 2 - Kanuk online (6 ml nutes ago' [-] Goddamn you I needed to sleep tonight]#833 lo S628 - thebrtfromheH oujne (4 minutes ago) [-]you're fine#834 o 633 - Kanuk
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funny pictures,autorage comics,oh crap,wait a minute face,hehehe,happy,sweet jesus face,humour,adult,lion king
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*Me, med studentn.64fNV^Attending"Ma'mrn, we looked at your scans, and it appears that your lung cancer has returned."Are you still smoking?""Yup! Two packs a day, like I have for the last 30 years!""Uhh....okay.....have you evertried to quit?"1?"Of course not! My aunt smoked for 35 years, and then
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6 years old Her recently divorced Herpinamothers new boyfriendSo Hr. Deep, what did you do with my mom yesterday, while I was at my grandmas house?Well, first we went to the cinema, and after that to a restaurant...And then?Then we went to my place for a cup of coffee...And then?Then I just walked
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