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You guys wanna join a fight club?Easy. When you get pulled over and the cop asks why you were going so fast, say you are going to the policemans bail.How do we join?Why were you going so fast?Later that dayGoing to the policeman's ballPoliceman don't ballsAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWTF?!?!?elcome to the
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-le me walking on the street- 1 O 1-le wild Iannp appears-what if i rub it? 0"rub* rub* rub* 1 y rub*hello master, u have 3 wishes \Vi want infinite wishes mzzyyou cant do it, its against the rules f> )h*>; i v < * y y Okaywell, in that casei want a memory flash just like in the movie MIB
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hello?Listen, we have your girlfriend.AAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWjsc-TiTffYYYYYYEEEEEIEEAAAAAAAAADo not call the police, and if you dont give us the money, well release her.m,comics,funny comics &amp; strips, cartoons,apocalyptic face,girlfriend,awww yea,abductor,thief
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