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it's just someonewalking by. noneed to panic. ^ T\( > Vx /1J N K N J V A 7 \everyone just stay calm.v /STAY CALM!,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,art,beautiful pictures,geek,dog,theycantalk,bark
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DOBS YOUR DOG BITE?DON'T WORRY, HIS BARK IS WORSE THAN HIS BITE.ON/ f t ^ MTHAT HURT A LOT!iiif SCyanide and Happiness,Cyanide & Happiness,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,dogs,bite,bark,which is worse?
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woosh! Blank space!Sit down to watch some tvDog starts barkingRUFF! RUFF! RUFF! (Translation: derp, herp, herple-de-derpOpen door to let her inNo responseLefs go, Derpy! JInside now!ry< Let's go, Derpy! Inside now!Derpy: S3RUFF RUFF RUFF RUFF! (More derp)Dammit, Derpy. Now I have to put on my
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