boy that escalated quickly

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Clear browsing dataxthe beginning of time the past hour the past day the past week the last 4 weeksthe beginning of timeObliterate the following items from:*/ Clear browsing history 4 Clear download history Empty the cache Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data Clear saved passwords </
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1AllisonI want my next boyfriend to give me high fives and say "nice one' when I have a really solid burp or give me crap when it's weak. I need someone that is utterly disgusting, and for some reason, that's really hard to find?@ 5 hours ago via Mobile $31 people like this.MiJoe i will skit on
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*throws nokia at you*. *throws satan at you*.Think About It!Think For Me!Thoughts So FarClicking will open a new window or tab, so will not interrupt your conversation,auto,boy that escalated quickly,ferrell,will,nokia,satan
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