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chat texting trolling 

MessagesDwarfEditHi, who is this?Aaron changed all of my contacts to mythical creaturesWhat's mine?DwarTHE'S SO MEAN IM NOT THAT SHORT!_____________________^Oh hi dan'"fuck,chat,texting,trolling
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comics little life lines chat 

bn be?e ineed to talkok, that's{he, notepad, on ikefr'idcje is -for SV\oppi"3 Jisis,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,little life lines,chat
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Cyanide & Happiness comics chat murder 

Chatting with MIKEMike says:HELP ME IM BEING MURDERED OH GODJust sent.Chatting with MIKEMike says:HELP ME IM BEING MURDERED OH GODYou say:Jesus Christ are you okay? Dude???Sent.Chatting with MIKEMike says:HELP ME I'M BEING MURDERED OH GODYou say:Jesus Christ are you okay? Dude???Mike says:Oh wow,
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Margaret Dyan comics answer chat fail girl 

MAYBE 4 -SHOULD WAIT A COUIlE Of MINUTES BEFORE 1 SHOULD RefLV ... TWO MINUTES SOUNDS QCOD ENOUGH -YEAH.FORGOT.,Margaret Dyan,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,answer,chat,fail,girl
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The Fappening Jennifer Lawrence celebrities facebook chat hackers 

O If .. Il 79%Facebook UserOFACEBOOK.T.C'mon unblock that Imaowhat do I get lol. I can give you her email too.Well I don't really wanna payJust for respect... From one dude to anothercan I see your girlfriend?,The Fappening,Jennifer Lawrence,celebrities,facebook,chat,hackers
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internet dependence chat couple happyjar comics 

hey, you want to see a movie tonight?yeah, sure, whats playing?i dunno. just need to get out of the house.might be something cool on at the prince Charles?hmm. not sure i want to go into central.well how bout we head into finchleyhave a nice dinnerthen see where the evening takes us?sounds like a
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seemikedraw comics love chat,seemikedraw,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,love,chat
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sad love sandbox facebook chat 

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loading artist comics fail reaction chat 

loading artist,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,fail,reaction,chat
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pregnant autocorrect chat 

.n AT&T ^5:36 PM75%Messages PamelaCan't wait to see you babe. Hurry up and get here!Whoo hoo! Its Friday. Screw the gym! I'm getting pregnant tonight!UhShouldn't we talk about that first?HAHAHAHAHA Oh my god......... 1 wrote pringles and it autocorrected to pregnant1 almost had a heart
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