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*Le me and me mum at le mall (yes i occasionally go to the mall with my mom)"What does Cool Story Bro mean?""Well, basically, well, here's an example...'Let's say that your trying toexplain something to someone and the subject of your explanation is very important to you..."'So you complete your
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*me still half asleep Sunday morning*75 y/o Grandma dressed up fancyWhy are you all dressed up Grammer*?I decided to go to church todav!*Family name for GrandmaChurch? You havent been to church in a long time! Getting worried about hell in your old age?Youll probably be there and I don't want to
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Auto Correct Comp. 2 !By :DamcfishfishDo you want me to bathe pussyul.. at&t9:38 PMMessages (1)^What's ur address? N ^14520 fuckface place^Poop youOops. Spell check.")^ Fairfax^( Hahahah ^You funny.^Bring bathing suitsT^Is JD coming?'DAMN YOUAUTOCORRECT.COMreMessages''T7Linds would you be mad if I,
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...AT&T 3G10:18 AMi Messages BrittanyI got a rage face app!NNNOOOOOmTAug 7, 2011 11:06 PMYou don't like rage faces?NHecks no.I can hear you saying that.Freaking creepy!;Aug 8, 2011^_________________ >No comprendo.Listen kid, I'm off to bed because I have to be up by 630 in order to get to the
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