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I wanna post something funny!

hd miecraft Game of Thrones fandoms click to zoom 

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This is what I think about Hungarian that I desperately try to comprehend (the language is from the Finno-Ugric group as Finnish)
KaynnistyttelijaHe who makes something start up itself repeatedlyKaynnistelyKaynnistytysRepetitive starting up'1he act makin9something start up itself.KaynnistytellaTo make something start up itself repeatedlyKaynnistelijaHe who starts up (repeatedly)Kavelyttaa KaynnistellaTo start up
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WflVn.' lfrKb'Modi*IotcaITUGWct0ctoU.IVOBLIVIONDudionFCRY2(2008)'BURNOUT,Even Larger:Asheron's Call 500 mi2Test Drive Unlimited 618 mi2Fuel5560 mi2Guild Wars Nightfall15.000mi2Lord of the Rings Online30.000mi2Elder Scrolls 11 :Daggerfall 62,394 mi20.005.0010.0015.0020.00Miles Wide,games,click to
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Muss arbeiten to pleaseSTABILITY AND HARMONY!!! SO GOOGLE GTFOH!Am I KAWAII? /get a job, wankay,maps,countryball,click to zoom
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