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I wanna post something funny!

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The Duality of Man.FB_IMG_1600300757826.jpg 94 KB JPGSo you consider yourself an aspiring writer? Describe this woman in your best prose.I saw her again today. The woman of my dreams. Locks of ebony hair, dark like a starless night and beautiful as the sun setting over the sea. I yearn to be with
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Rachel McCartney@RachelMComedy I was out on my fire escape & people on my neighbors' fire escape, out from a huge party, introduced themselves & invited me down. I said "no, covid" and they went "aw, cmon" and I went "really, covid, no" and I've never felt so responsible while smoking a bong in my
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Stray kitten miraculously saves orphanage bus from potential carjacking."Whiskers stepped up and took control in dramatic situation. 2016 Kristian Nygrdwww.optipess.conI Leave I IThis kind of bullshit would not haveIhappened in the first place if theIorphans were allowed to protectLeave your
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In thts photo: Celina Added Octobe' 10, 2010Brittanyawww.thissareallycotepicture*Octobe--10, 2010 at 11:52pm Flag FranoisThismightbeinappropriate,butthetightonyour right knee makes you look like you have a very bng pens.December 6, 2010 a: 1:02am *0 2 people
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' SuzyDogLover R.I.P my dear Fido. I will always cherish our Tahoe times together.Like Comment Share187qp42 <0EveryoneYouKnow and 186 other people like this.MMERMAN UNEARTHEDCOMICS.COM 2015"Like?" So^ekow -Pee! !ke a jet* foi" "liking" +kis poS+.,Unearthed Comics,comics,funny comics &amp;
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Curry? I would call that a cakeSTPRyjiTSUKUDA tmTgwow WTF IS THAT?!?!?!Are you kidding me? Looks likea 1someDouy sneezea.V -AIt looks great, but... WHAT is it?how is that curry?Molecular Gastronomy, folks. Turning your food into picasso.Snot? yech|Jrg,th strqujberry-chocolqtc1 cqrd included uiith
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HOW DID THIS EVEN HAPPENwtf hitler?Hipster Hitlernooi love you, fellow anonsOH GOD MY SIDES,manga,Shokugeki no Sōma,Hitler,comments,anime
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What Posting Something on the Internet Feels Like...
/ de ruisyeR ME55AGE?GREAT/ TUIMK you COULD... /WV/DE... 5UARE IT WITU yOUR FRIEMD5?MOPE/ DUT DE5T OF LUCK TO /,collegehumor,comics,funny comics &amp; strips, cartoons,life,internet,comments
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