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HGY! O.HAPON, BUPPY!we Neep to talk...listcn - we've hap sowe pcat timcs ToseTHep. killcp a lot ofBAP 6UYS...ANP 600P 6UYS WHO HAPPCNCP TO HAV/6 COOL W6AP0NS. BUT...I THINK IT'S TIMe...N00000 - I THINK we JUST N66P S0M6 TIM6 APAPT TO exPLOpe othcp O.OMPANIONSHIPS.IT'S NOT 'BP6AKIN6 UP' -IT'S A
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Likej I'm good shooting arrows. But what if the Situation calls for more... versatility?^/'I mean, do you ever feel limited by your v abilities? ^Ponkeyman can multiclass like great Gundar.Since Gundar take levels in roguej he best thief of Northlands.Sneakyas a mouse.See how Gundar skillfully
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Cut#, bul Arrvoy-rvg. KiviBitchy Tati,funny pictures,auto,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,legend of zelda,link,companion
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