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art geek text book french horse man comparison wtf fail 

This French anatomy book tries to illustrates how a horse's bones are similar to ours.IV#*' ** *Jw.iicoHMpondont A certain <* n6un fWrtlo "r' a de8*oua d* *>t nd<*u par la nxym couleur.,art,beautiful pictures,geek,text book,french,horse,man,comparison,wtf,fail
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dogs kids comparison 

Raising a Dog 4: Raising a Kid/*''IJSnHHHHMMi RAISING A DOGRAISING A KIDIf he slips out of your arms, he'll probably end up on his feet.If he slips out of your arms, youll probably end up in jail.People will look at you funny if you breastfeed them in public.For some reason, people will also look
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Dorkly comics Guardians of The Galaxy Star Wars comparison movie tv 

Dorkly,comics,funny comics &amp; strips, cartoons,Guardians of The Galaxy,Star Wars,comparison,movie,tv
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Australia. A lot larger than you think
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