computer reaction face

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comics hmmm guy near the computer computer reaction face 

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auto 9gag relationship computer reaction face apocalyptic face 

me on my boyfriend's lap, derping on 9GAG togetherand sits down to continue browsing 9GAG."Sweetie, maybe we should get ready to go to the store for grocery shopping..."throws me on the bed...,auto,9gag,relationship,computer reaction face,apocalyptic face
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auto microsoft bill gates few moments later computer reaction face 

Diu. Gates Says :I will Always Ciioosl a Lazy Person To do a Difficult Job ...Because, Hl will iind an Easy Way to do it.110 years of practicing, Im so confident of my laziness! Its my time. 'Applying for MicrosoftFuck you educations! Im applying for Microsoft,auto,microsoft,bill gates,few moments
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