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I share same feelings as the author. We all want to play our favourite old games in better graphics, but why we should pay the same price for the same game (basically)? Yeah, you can say: "wait for the sales", but wouldn't it be better for everyone to make lower prices on remakes from the start?
I know that some amount of money is involved in making a remake and developers want to eat, buy fancy stuff and drink Jack Daniels, but I really doubt that this amount of money is the same or bigger than the sum they invest to make a new game from a scratch.
The other thing is that when you buy a new game, you also pay for that feeling of something new, fresh, undiscovered for you. You pay for excitement. But when it comes to games which you've beaten 3-5 times? Should you pay 50-60 bucks for a remake? Should you pay 60 bucks only to get a nostalgia feeling?
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