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Prescription drugs are the fastest growing of US healthcare costs
Prescription drugs are the fastest growing sector of U.S. healthcare costs$12 billion industry(4.9% of total healthcare spending)$275.6 billion industry(10.6% of total healthcare spending)OUR Rx COSTS OUTPACE THE REST OF THE WORLDTOP MEDICATION TYPES BY COSTANTIDEPRESSANTS400% rise since the
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16. Saffron - $ 11/gram15. Gold - $ 56/gram14. Rhodium - $ 58/gram13. Platinum - $ 60/gram12. Methamphetamine - $ 100/gram9. Cocaine - $ 215/gram11. Rhino horn - $ 110/gram10. Heroin -$ 130/gram8. LSD - $ 3000/gram7. Plutonium - $ 4000/gram6. Painite - $ 9000/gram or $ 1800/karat5. Taffeit- up to $
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THE COST OF BEINGRetinal Projection System--510,000Custom Graphite Cowl$1,000,000--Carbon Fibre ReinforcementsKevlar Nomex Body ArmourKevlar Nomex Elbow PadsKevlar Nomex Groin ArmourForearm Blades$1,000 --Kevlar Nomex Gloves-- $150Kevlar Nomex Knee Pads-i-$150Memory Cloth Polymer Cape$40,000
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