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Maury can solve this case

^tfjp Posted by (TdlBlursed_crayon babyE>1h i.redd.itHEY RED, WHAT'S SHARIN'? A ^GREEN,WHY?IF YOU WERE TO MIX WITH YELLOW, WHAT WOULD THE RESULTING COLOR BET| A 7OH, NO REASON. 1^ VoteQ 23Share 0 Awardr/zoology Posted by vM,s2 3hIf a yellow lobster and a blue lobster had a baby lobster, would
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UK?TN3N0HVrboz <t,comics,funny comics &amp; strips, cartoons,crayons,family,mom,boy
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*me, fighting with twin bro as little kid."I'm cooler than you in school. Hahaha!"Twin bro"Well, I have more friends!""oh yeah! Well, I got more crayons than you! Beat that!Yeah, but they're all geeks!*me*bro"take that back! Or I'll steal your scissors!"*dad"now now, kids, we bought you the same
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