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customer servicer

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NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE!4I vu k*Thin FeelThin FeelThin far greater sensitivity. jThin for greater sensitivity.^5) condomJ 14 condom*h DUREXTHIN FEEL20S---- 14.99! jmmtuf 2?a3W>*9hiJus,,of our store team,funny pictures,condoms,handjob,customer servicer,comics,funny comics
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Five more minuses...,customer servicer,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,09
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So ______Am I esitc going-J-o be- iorrmWy ^rainc-d?. +uV> - Abampi ng: no\.Jnrl7rfD in \ \\\ / 11C^an/f\r\A 60...VmCongratulations/ hopeful employee, and welcome to the Haunted Rape Forest. Should you make it through the Blood Brambles, past the MolestOwls, and back to civilization, you will have
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