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debate park pelican funny picture funny picture animal 


debate,park,pelican,funny,picture,funny picture,animal
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debate gif pronunciation oatmeal 

How we debate the pronunciation of data*I mostly say "data,debate,gif,gif animation, animated pictures,pronunciation,oatmeal

__ How tue debate the ________________pronunciation of *route="I mostly say routelike grout.Me too. But sometimes I-6ay it like rootjIt depends on the agreement FIVE.SAGAIN!)PPftT TWO, {AOTHtWOCiLtte,debate,gif,gif animation, animated pictures,pronunciation,oatmeal

How we debate thepronunciation of GIF="I say it with a soft G,like giraffe. j say jf a hard G,SV.VJV-V- INTO BTOlV-tTfOCK LfOUR kVHOLE LIFEThe Oatmeal,debate,gif,gif animation, animated pictures,pronunciation,oatmeal

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