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Yuo come with me now iFriends? no., hoho nooooo we never into friends! i hate you Napoleon! .Sure Hr. Hitler! With no doubt caen you just pass through here!i never asked for this! we never cooperate! I HATE YOU HITLER! always have!Picking sides, during war is so EASY,comics,funny comics &
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Look what I made!!Denmark! No!Thank you Sod!! i,funny pictures,auto,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,countries,denmark,drawing,america
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Hey Moushi, what are you doing?Ah I have this report I have to do on lesser known countries affected by WWII... Its annoying...itIt was kind of emharassing for Denmark, Germany invaded us without us fighting back much...Hey Tobi, whathappened to Denmark during WWII?We are going to try fighting them
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..but then I had to explain to Germany that I didn't unde-What? Is the story over?VA what?)God dammit Denmark.\,funny pictures,auto,humonocomics,denmark,ninja,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons
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Aww! What a cute little puppy!Aww indeed!Ill name him Hans and take him home.But...l wanted to have him.What? No! He's so cute. I want him. Then what do we do?Uuuu! Bitch fight!Ha! Show him who's boss, Canada!Kick his ass, Denmark! It's your puppy!Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!,funny
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euro 2012,girls,denmark,ukraniam spain,germany,Russia,italia,england
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