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I wanna post something funny!


After 1200 sequential visits and almost 5 years in JoyReactor, I decided to leave :(

Happy holidays and keep this site alive ;)
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3 years joyreactor dedication dev 

I'm 3 years on :)

Soon I'll go on a vaction, so someone will have to break my record ;)
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dev bye bye 

Im Done Here

Sorry guys but im done on this site.
All top admins who can add premissions and add new tags leave this site.
I cant add more tags in my section.
Buy and good luck with this site!
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Not a big deal, but still annoying.
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If doesn't work

Try temporary mirror
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dev gif 

We've done some great improvements of gif animations.
They are shown as html-video, that spectacularly dereases their size. Drawbacks are not all browsers support it fully and cpu consumption rises. So:
1) this freature is disabled in Ios, Android and old opera (12.16)
2) you can disable this feature in you user settings ( - option "Remove gif-animation optimization"
3) if you're not registered, but still want to disable it - you can set cookie "showVideoGif2" to value "1". For example, you can do it by executing such code in javascript console:
jQuery.cookie('showVideoGif2', 1, { expires: 365, path: '/', domain: '.' + document.domain });

PS In case you want to copy original gif, link appears in right-upper corner.
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If you add "anime" and "games" tags to the same post, you can't see it in Line, even if you are subscribed to both.
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We've just added a new feature - private messages. It's almost useless so never mind!
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