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I wanna post something funny!

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dr who,jack sparrow,pirates,funny,sandbox,Johnny Depp,celebrities
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so cute
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The Ultimate Loss: Sci-Fi characters who survived their planets’ destruction.
[TimmLOSSSCI-FI CHARACTERS WHO SURVIVED THEIR PLANETS' DESTRUCTIONIt's a popular theme laced throughout science fiction movies and television shows: characters who survive the loss and utter destruction of their home worlds. Here's a look at some of the most notable sci-fi survivors. !What counts
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The Ultimate Loss; Sci-Fi characters who survived their planets’ destruction.
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BIGGER ON THE INSIDEwww.hcllowithchcc$c.coni - by Dcrn & O AbnormaltimelineMary Poppins carpetbag 19341959The Doctors Tardis1963Oscar the Grouchs trash can 1969Ghostbustcrs ghost trap 1984Pokcball1996The Lament Configuration1987Bag of Holding 1989Weasley family tent *2000,comics,funny comics &
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