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It takes 4 muscles to smile.It takes 16 muscles to frown.It takes 24 muscles to become furious.It takes 38 muscles to shout at someone.( V/)It takes 656 muscles to fight them.It takes 16 muscles to take out a knife and stab them.\It takes 6 muscles to realize what you've done.And it takes 0 muscles
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This one on my palm is from a fight a few years ago. Some young thug Jumped me in and alley, and I was holding him off until he pulled out a knife.I grabbed the knife by the blade and wrestled it out of his hand, and he fled.'^>I lost a lot of feeling in my hand that day, but I could've lost my
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How did you create this zone?Well thats not really important but you really just declare the area to be judgment-free. It lets people know this is a space where self-expression is paramount and not to be misconstrued through they lens of societal norms.fine... I suppose. I have confidence... this
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ASSEMBLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDEDSometimelater...CRAM SESSIONNow we don't have a hammer so I'm just gonna hit theseCongratulations, you clearly,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,drawingboard,compilation
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Magnifies the personality, huh? What is my personality, anyway? I think I'm a nice person, but is that my really my whole personality?I guess, logically, "magnifying" means the dominant trait starts to become more apparent because your inhibitions start to go away. So losing my inhibitions, what
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He studied the phenomenon of houses decaying and collapsing practically overnight, which people colloquially referred to as The Rot.But one day that all changed.Unbeknowest to Gingerbread Man, The Rot had infected his own house, and collapsed while his family was inside.There were no survivors.In
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Maybe it's time we took a ride on the Tunnel of Difficult Conversations.Well maybe you'd understand better if we were to ride one ofLOS OF IMONtunnel ofdifferingLXFE. GoalsWhy do you have so many of these rides,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,drawingboard,tunnel,relationship
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The traveler follows a tiled road.Apparently he has an appointment.Bad? Of course it's bad! There's nothing wrong with you. You have no malities, no adversities, no flaws! Maybe to the medically uneducated this would appear advantageous, but it inevitably leaves you a hollow individual.Go get hurt,
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Oh my gosh! Wow! Look at that, that is a beautiful parking job!How did you even...Sir, I did not know a car could even be parked so perfectly.,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,drawingboard,parking
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