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rI FEEL DRUIIKY1.Type any word into Google2.Turn off safesearch3. Take a drink for every disgusting / pornographic / disgustingly pornographic image you see.ColkgeUumwIf someone types tentacles, give the computer a drink, then bum it.,loldwell,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,drinking
rPANDORA POWER HOURDrink every time you skip a song. The game is over either when you pass out or when Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros gets played for a third time.(ZIf a Creed song ever accidentally plays, finish your drink.,loldwell,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,drinking
STUMBLRStart a single-serving tumblr about Internet Drinking Games and then drink until you get a book deal.ColkgeUiwuH*From the bloggers who brought you Business Frogz" and Look At This Fcking PresidentInternetDrinkingGames!a shot for every unsold copy at your local Barnes &
rGET REDDlTORE UPPost a picture of yourself drinking to Reddit. Caption it with Im taking a drink for every upvote I get! Continue drinking until you either die or reach the front page.Dressing a cat as a tiny bartender is not only allowed but heavily encouraged.,loldwell,comics,funny comics &
r BUZZEDFEEDFEATURED BUZZ!Submit the Get ReddiTORE Up story as a photo list on Buzzfeed a day later. Drink for every LOL sticker it gets.C(AkgeUumona shot every time someone uses the word viral" incorrectly, or at all.Surging on Viral!Share to your friendsphere?,loldwell,comics,funny comics &
r DOMAIN TRAINSuggest a website name, then type it into your browser. If the website already exists, take a drink. If it doesnt exist, you have the option to buy it then and there, in which case all your friends have to finish their drinks.many URLs will always make you hURL.,loldwell,comics,funny
Dedicatting 2nite to al my frans!!Everyone updates their status at the same time then drinks until they get a like.The last person to get a like has to finish their drink.I fill Too many people like this Starting a post with LIKE IF U" will result in a penulty shotgun,loldwell,comics,funny comics
2) Actually puke.CoU&qdJmnot'Fun Fact: Spotifys copywriters played this game before writing all their ads! ^1) Listen to Spotify, drink every time you hear an advertisement that makes you want to puke.r SPOTIFAILOUR FRESH BINGS WILL KEEP YOU UP TO DATE ON THE VIRAL
TWEET ROULETTECompose a tweet. For each character you tweeted, drink for that many seconds.If your tweet gets faved or retweeted while youre drinking, finish your drinkBefore playing, make sure a @localhospital is following you.,loldwell,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,drinking game,long
rMARK AS DEADTake one sip every time you reply to an email, two when you forward one, and three for a reply-all.Finish your drink when someone replies to an email asking if youre drunk.Yo Gramba fuck u, quitsending me thosde chainn lerrters.Drink a penalty shot If you use Hotmail or
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