dueling analogs

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WE'RE LETTING THE INTERNET DECIDE THE NAME FOR OUR NEXT POKEMON.>04)J *G Anonymous 10/28/10(Thur)0(first post ending in 53 names the newest Pokemon!726 posts and 78 image reply om Anonymous 10/28/10(Th File1288228789.ipq-(31 KE02030 STEVE NAP/ERSKIWWW.DUELINGANALOSS.COM,funny
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Manifest DestinyNaturally there was some resistance from the locals, but...iA. __ r'...we must understand that not eveiyone can accept change gracefullyIt is not our desire to expand westward.Dearest Nephew,As you have no doubt heard by now, wc have conquered the eastern half of the new
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ftgrar fMv FtwW'corte,w/earytraedle*foW/W w eaSe . , * ^ kJ,funny pictures,zelda-time,auto,dueling analogs,fountain
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