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I wanna post something funny!

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recently i recieved an email from facebook administrators saying that there had been complaints about my farmville and pictures of it. here is why.i was told to immediately remove any offensive pictures and to change my farmville. please comment on if i should comply or not thanks, -jitterbug,funny
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Court B im sorry for sleeping with your girlfriend :(I sent you a farmville gift. Are we okay now?17 minutes ago Comment LikeKat B Omg! Yes! Of course we're okay!!H You're the best brother ever! When you slept with my girlfriend I was REALLY pissed at you but now that you sent me a haybarrel on
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F ARM VILLEGO AHEAD, SEND ME ONE MORE F***ING FARMVILLE REQUEST!!DIY.DESPAIR.CC,funny pictures,auto,demotivation,family guy,farmville,games
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