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Labeled and Misunderstood
TARDAASAOh sure/Just because I don't wear three layers oP make-up or Pashionable clothes or style my hair!Because I like baggy clothes and video games and beer and I have oppinions then oP coooourse I must 4^ be gayf1/I'm so tired oP people incorrectly labeling me gay just because I'm not a total
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moo MiquinrefieieGuieineo,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,parents day,gay
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I Ian Somerhalder memes gay 

I,Ian Somerhalder,memes,gay
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Sochi 2014 foot note funny gay 

Sochi 2014,foot note,funny,gay
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FCKH8 Sending Gay Coloring Books To 10,000 Russian Children

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As if coloring books weren’t gay enough with all them Lisa Frank rainbows and unicorns (girl had been sniffing some poppers, no doubt about it), the clothing purveyors and do- gooders over at FCKH8 have been hard at work creating a new activity book for the up-and-coming legendary Russian children to help them learn a thing or two about tolerance.
They’ll also be mailing over 10,000 copies of Misha and His Moms Go To The Olympics to the embattled country in anticipation of the global sporting event.
This probably won’t go over well with Russian authorities, who have banned “gay propaganda” and imagery that presents a “distorted image of equality of traditional and non-traditional sexual relationships,” but maybe they’ll be so charmed by the joyful illustrations that they’ll let this one slide.
& His NVoms2013 Ec is protected. no permission needed to reproduce Use speech permitted by lair use laws. Not a product for sale. If2013 F is protect'.cotfamily^..^" '20l3FCKH8.comis protected politicalperm .bsm.<needed to reproduce. Use QiOtympjctog) permitted by lair use" laws. Not a
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Cyanide and Happiness comics snake gay 

Hey, check out this cool snake!Oh no! VouVe yonna have to suck the poison out!QODid you swallow the poison?Oh no! you're yonna have to suck the poison out!5\uf rCyanide and Happiness,Cyanide and Happiness,comics,funny comics &amp; strips, cartoons,snake,gay
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