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art geek fingers boredom 

Zombie Fingers

art,beautiful pictures,geek,fingers,boredom
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geek government biology shark isolate coronavirus funny pictures 

Government: work at homeMarine biologists:,geek,government,biology,shark,isolate,coronavirus,funny pictures
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geek cooking cookbook turkey birds recipe popcorn food when you see it 

I was reading a cookbook from the 80s and stumbled across this gem.oysters anu uqiuu; gently fold ovswT-U , with pepper. Bake at 400 -. Sprinkle %htly (Don't remove liquid which may come 0 ! ?ed and bubbly. 20 minutes.toP*) Bake aboutBetty Floyd Parker, Montgomery CoencilNEW TURKEY DRESSING4 c.
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geek funny pictures meme coronavirus chinese aliens 

We come in peace.wonder^^ what these things taste like?? ^,geek,funny pictures,meme,coronavirus,chinese,aliens
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geek funny pictures meme moon moonwalk joke 

When Neil Armstrong was pondering what his first words on the Lunar surface would be during the Apollo 11 landing, Command Module pilot Michael Collins okingly suggested:"If you had any halls, you'd say 'Oh, my God, what is that thing?1 then scream and cut your mic."@RocketLads,geek,funny
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comics art geek emoji facebook coronavirus bat 

Facebook Emojis are wack

comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,art,beautiful pictures,geek,emoji,facebook,coronavirus,bat
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geek funny pictures meme coronavirus woman on top fat 

How I feel when I'm on top & he's grabbing onto my love handlesV,geek,funny pictures,meme,coronavirus,woman on top,fat
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art geek cartoon family mom dad cough coronavirus knife Knives 

Dad's probably praying for coronavirus

Daddy has a cough, What do we do kids?,art,beautiful pictures,geek,cartoon,family,mom,dad,father,cough,coronavirus,knife,Knives
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art geek funny pictures dogs doggo star trek tv shows airplane enterprise 

Heccs fun doggo

art,beautiful pictures,geek,funny pictures,dogs,doggo,star trek,tv shows,airplane,enterprise
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geek funny pictures police trouble drinking cone 

"I'll smoke a bowl but let's not get too high tonight"2 hours later:Police called after men dressed as traffic cones block road,geek,funny pictures,police,trouble,drinking,cone

When I get High
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