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art geek medieval knife fight 

Always bring a knife to a fight

BE A KNIFE FIGHT IF,art,beautiful pictures,geek,medieval,knife,fight
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geek funny pictures barbecue chicken lizard wtf 

Eat good in the neighborhood

Son of a bitch wouldn't drop the chicken so we let him keep it.,geek,funny pictures,barbecue,chicken,lizard,wtf
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geek caroline paper education edit marketing advertising funny pictures 

Caroline sounds like a real bitch

CAROLINE EDITS PAPERSfor style, clarity, and grammar so your shit doesnt suck.Does your shit suck? Would you like for it not to suck?Did your high schools English department suck balls, leaving you unprepared to fend for yourself college? Or do you just suck at English to begin with? Good news! I
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art geek funny pictures tattoo klingon bird of prey star trek tv shows 

Loving my new Klingon Bird of Prey tattoo!!! y,art,beautiful pictures,geek,funny pictures,tattoo,klingon bird of prey,star trek,tv shows
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geek twitter food curry sonic games Sonic the Hedgehog funny pictures 

abz@lqrdebabe are you okay??? you've barely touched your sonic limited edition curry,geek,twitter,food,meal,curry,sonic,games,Sonic the Hedgehog,funny pictures
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comics geek truth finish Usain Bolt me 

This hurts

When Usain Bolt finishes in 9.8 seconds,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,geek,truth,finish,Usain Bolt,me
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art geek funny pictures werewolf baby shower wtf 

Werewolf baby shower

"werewolf themed baby shower" is a phrase that I saw, and now you have to see it as well,art,beautiful pictures,geek,funny pictures,werewolf,baby shower,wtf
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geek funny pictures man woman husband wife baby gender 

Gender reveal or who's your daddy?

geek,funny pictures,man,woman,husband,wife,baby,gender
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geek meme funny pictures karen cat dolphin jizz 

geek,meme,funny pictures,karen,cat,dolphin,jizz
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art geek shoes pigeon funny pictures 

Maybe she's pigeon toed?

art,beautiful pictures,geek,shoes,pigeon,funny pictures
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