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geek funny picture shredder turtles haircut hair Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 

My wife is getting her hair done. I told her to watch out for turtles, so they dont mistake her for Shredder.,geek,funny picture,shredder,turtles,haircut,hair,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
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art geek picture pictures holidays potraits 

I think I feel a Christmas picture coming on

How to Take a Family Photo Without Involving the Family----Adrienne Hedger www.HedgerHumor.comPrint out a good picture of each person.Cut the heads out and tape them onto toy figurines. Picture time!The family gathers for a holiday photo. Or do they?Have some cool LEGO figures? Get them
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geek toys toy game kids medical wtf fail funny picture 

When you see it

-'OUUUJIHAIO,geek,toys,toy,game,kids,children,medical,wtf,fail,funny picture
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geek funny picture shoes croc sunburn tan fail punishment 

Punishment for wearing those shoes,geek,funny picture,shoes,croc,sunburn,tan,fail,punishment
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geek star trek tv shows captain kirk spock mr scott dr mccoy 

I thought Kirk had permanent wood

1r Mr Scott, ^beam me aboard,geek,star trek,tv shows,captain kirk,spock,mr scott,dr mccoy
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art geek comics cartoon chicken anime 

You know that ain't right

Hen tie or something, I dont know I never watched anime,art,beautiful pictures,geek,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,cartoon,chicken,anime
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geek meme flag Mexico countries United States america canada 

Americans: Our flag represents the unity of our many statesMexicans: Our flag stands for hope, unity and blood, and the Aztec people who used to live hereIICanadians:LEEFi*i,geek,meme,flag,Mexico,countries,United States,america,canada
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geek art sign warning heavy lift 

Those are the guys you want in your next movie

Maybe it wouldn't be so heavy if they used their arms u,geek,art,beautiful pictures,sign,warning,heavy,lift
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geek adoption pet dog people friend friendship sign funny treat 

I know this is meant for a dog, but sameMy personality 1AM VERy SHY BUT I AM VERY FOOD MOTIVATED SO I AM JUST A FEW TREATS AWAY FROM BEING YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND,geek,adoption,pet,dog,people,friend,friendship,sign,funny,treat
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art geek food cookie monster cooking philosophy 

I love cookies too

Cookie dough is the - sushi of SGorpions.T^r*IpjMjftL V(* / il I > # IT | j L"f Vif K r r{ 0iwf Your sorriaiT5 thih(uiin fe fbflVaJ(jfKCLUB|L,art,beautiful pictures,geek,food,meal,cookie monster,cooking,philosophy
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