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comics cartoon futurama tv shows bender girlfriend titanic movies drawing schematic 

comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,cartoon,futurama,tv shows,bender,girlfriend,titanic,movies,drawing,schematic
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funny pictures girlfriend zero no fucks given 

funny pictures,girlfriend,zero,no fucks given
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gif funny girlfriend 

link to the gif
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comics danger dangerous boyfriend girlfriend friend zone friendzone monster 

Give me the girl and ill let you liveNO WAY!!! I will not let you have herUhmmm....This is a bit awkward situation. I see you only as a friend...,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,danger,dangerous,boyfriend,girlfriend,friend zone,friendzone, friendzoned ,friendzone,monster
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comics happiness & cyanide iphone boyfriend girlfriend asshole Cyanide and Happiness 

LOOK, HONEY. I JUST GOT THE NEIN IPHONE!WHAT A COINCIDENCE. I GOT A NEW BOYFRIENDvIDID YOU SAY SOMETHING?Cyanide and Happiness,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,happiness & cyanide,iphone,boyfriend,girlfriend,asshole,Cyanide and Happiness
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meme Star Wars fandoms darth vader Luke Skywalker hand girlfriend humor dark side 

So. how do you like my new girlfriend? I just met her a few minutes ago.' ( \a* . ** I r.1 it tBut you've been withme the whole time, allyou have over thereis my hand, b* .* VAm -*V V. .* r ^ - -. IV *# 51 ti*itlbILDARK SEven their sense of humor is,meme,Star Wars,fandoms,darth
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funny pictures girlfriend dog dinner 

Sometimes you make do

Got stood up by my date so thought I'd treat a special girl in my life.,funny pictures,girlfriend,dog,dinner
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meme geek burn brother girlfriend mom 

My mother just told my brother to change his sheets before his girlfriend comes for a visit because we don't want her to get pregnant just by sitting down" i nearly pissed my self.,meme,geek,burn,brother,girlfriend,mom
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funny pictures cats red dot laser girlfriend ass 

"And that's how the fight started, your honour.",funny pictures,cats,red dot,laser,girlfriend,ass,butt, booty
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funny pictures menu fries girlfriend 

Every time we go out

I 70roh tl-'-*9rrrafoli on toasted fc**er tiH op|*l "'hr with hive cheese dressing, fresh greens.?/?<? $13.793.29MY GIRLFRIEND'S NOT HUNGRY: ! DOUBLE YOUR FRIES FOR 3.49SEVER <VCES>iDarkling, Saratoga Flat, Saranac Diet, Gingerale, Rootbeer.,funny pictures,menu,fries,girlfriend
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