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opressice-silence comics heaven death google google chrome browsers 

Must be dreaming..,Welcome to the afterlifel You probably have a lot of questions. Allow me to explain.During the final years of your life/ I was secretly monitoring and recording your thoughts at all times. Just recently, I discovered a set of algorithms that .enabled me to perfectly simulate
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fI'M 60ING TO SLEEP.WRIT! You CAN'T GO TO SLEEP WHILE %,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,owlturd,sleep,google chrome,browsers

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google,funny,evolution,google chrome,browsers

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edge microsoft ram google chrome browsers firefox browser internet explorer opera windows 10 windows 

WHERE IS MY RAM???NOM NOM NOM,edge microsoft,ram,google chrome,browsers,firefox browser,internet explorer,opera,windows 10,windows

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google chrome browsers t-rex internet 

Unable to connect to the InternetMorei,Internet,google chrome,browsers,t-rex,internet
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google chrome browsers internet explorer 

Downloading google chrome using Internet explorer is like making someone dig their own grave.

google chrome,browsers,internet explorer
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gif google chrome browsers ram pacman games 

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NSA incognito google chrome browsers gif 

Every time you open an Incognito tab in Chrome

link to the gif
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photo geek cartridge nintendo entertainment system firefox browser google chrome 

photo,geek,cartridge,nintendo entertainment system,firefox browser,google chrome
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gif transformers google chrome 

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