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sign street public head here funny funny picture picture 

bang head here

sStress ReductionHeadHereDirections:1.Place on FIRM surface.2.Follow directions in circle.3.Repeat step 2 as necessary, or until unconscious 4.11" unconscious, cease stress reduction Trww *00*4 fun coni*' . ip .!rT, I - - i-.r,sign,street,public,head,here,funny,funny picture,picture
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they can talk comics here funny animals 

they can talk,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,here,funny,animals

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they can talk comics giraffe bible here 

so, remember when you said you wouldn't date me if i was the last giraffe on earth?,they can talk,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,giraffe,bible,here

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games pixel art gif slain! here 

games,pixel art,gif,gif animation, animated pictures,slain!,here

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