how i met your mother

how i met your mother

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WELL KIDS, IT WAS MAY 2012, AND N6W YOCK WAS INVADED ey ALIENS......youp aunt PoeiN pound a 008 WOPKIN6 FOP A secpet OP6ANIZATION...Year 2030...yOUP UNCL SAPNey oieo IN A STPAN6 SITUATION......ANO, WLL LBT'S SUMMAPIZ6,THAT5 HOW I  youp /,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,sephko,how i met
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1 -N1 j I 4^ s <a* r ?*V' 1 \ * J I aj A*! ( M i I * VMT f I1 HBrHello, I'm Katy Perry, and I'm gonna be on "Howl met your mother" this week.rk 1/ * *# Iuii!Hello, I'm Neil Patrick Harris, and I'm gonna be on Katv Perry this week.- *8rKATYff* C ia,how i met your mother,Katy Perry,Neil
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