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(Comic "Scandinavia and the World", by Humon. )
What's the difference between American and British humor?Imagine a waiter spilling food on a guest.The guest gets angry and starts yelling at the waiter.I'm going to a wedding!This suit cost me my entire savings! Where will I get a new one!?I'm s-so sorry, sir. Let me get that off.In an American
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Sbeep (Are Sowe of he^mike w&HA^^Cj fc~s** its c\_ wellproblemkhoctt n 10 nxw?s przl&Y ro^s*And people, wortdey / I hwc husMor',comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,sheep,animals,gay,humon
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Girls must know
My periods before birth control^^Surprise motherfucker,,,My periods on birth controlRight on time yet again.,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,period,humon
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'sigh* The fandom has really changed after they joined it.Yeah, they don't even understand what the show is about. They like it for all the wrong reasons.They just want to be part of it because it's all popular now. and dress up to get attention.We liked it before it was cool, it was made for us.
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Oooooooooo!Would you look at this lovely girl!Jesus Christ, guys. Could you at least be a little subtle when you use my computer to surf for porn?Oh, she's pretty too. Sweden come over here! You have to see thisBrazilian beauty! /No thanks. I dont look at porn that has women in it./No! It's not
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Aaahhhh! It's so wonderful to feel the sun gaining power again after this long ice age.OSweden! Look! Look what I've -v) made!I added a tower to my sand castle!Very nice, Norway. Looks good.)The sound of the birds and sea.The feel of warm sand between the toes.OoSweden look! Look! Look Sweden!sigh*
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SOD HATES YOU, SWEDEN!!!Leviticus 18:22 - Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it isabomination!!God hates fags!! Everyone knows that!! And you have the nerve to be the most gay friendly country in the world!? You disgust God!!! Fags are NEVER satisfied unless every single person
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