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jgff, AU- gooNviES TAISISAMl^-\eR\/ENlTiotsl.,,.3U1 I*l K^D YOU 10 SCAfct again SO YOU ARBH'T So BRMslG.0J ^ SAO You QUIT USIMG DOUGS,toonhole,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,boring,intervention,drugs
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How many bulbs does it fake to change a light bulb?i yr r^ I... don'tI This is an intervention. Pat nick. Vv r-  -----------------------1I----f T j_______/.I don't need your Pucking help.~sPatrick, we're all here because we care about y ou>vK (ISAIptZ / '; rA F^K OFF,,comics,funny comics &
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/<rTim, too HAvt a Sweet^ CoMPureR that is^oBircHlrO' FAST. I LOME. ITAmp also i ah jealous.AlJYuAVS, |F THIS liOTEftVEiT?> PoESjJ'T bJoftK. AMD VoO Die Ofc . SoMETrtWfr, CAM i HAvJE VoK ^ si WEET 4gbti22^== rf^yT I/ V piwse. 7,comics,funny comics &amp; strips, cartoons,channelate,pc,intervention
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I don't understand interventions. What's the point of being told I drink too much by a room full of reasons why I drink in the first place?,funny pictures,auto,intervention,joke,drink
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