invisible bread

invisible bread

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comics invisible bread waiting thoughts 

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ooW! is 4 money n 4Hertt#?!dftAj. i4's jus4 4CaA^ do abcw, ; sViii remember wb|A found 4ba4 oAty 4M one 4ime!AO years 030 )S 4Ka4 Street ?! 4 wkole dollars! wboa! m Soe*ci4ed!?% *I i'm gonna buy So WftAy pojs! and Slammers! and candy.14 only could gve 4Kis 4o me as a kid!haba, be would beso
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you Icaow tuba* 4hey Sayvoa  drink a doy4o keep *doctor au#ay*{  ever sa4 ever,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,invisible bread,energy drink
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comics invisible bread driving cars 

ter in so*eo*e glsg's Car (sometimes)PCd ligK+/s4op Signmhcr i wouldusually Start f fc;t the brakesPURETERROR,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,invisible bread,driving,cars
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Soa. i odi youbreokfas4!Come down from your roomAO, doA*+ woa4 +oyou dicta'* buy n 4-Ko4* ACW gome oac& doA*4 woa+ 4o fftlk fo mode woffles 4ooja 4Ke sKope of your favorite carfooA Character*and poAcokes!a 4Ke Skape of pancakes!0Sausage liAks! eggs! Wa$K browns! cereal!orange juice!i bove
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comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,invisible bread,car,ikea
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wtfH be at your place about IS ufes!we wft*4 see you!ok <*om# i%ii see you9*ys sooo ! bye!-boop-my Poren4s are about to liAd Oat how i actually l*ve*3* tbereAottriii car do about:,comics,funny comics &amp; strips, cartoons,invisible bread,parents,flat
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2'A 1 amS 4K.*S wfca+ >Vs like be OA odali?why u/asn'4  4oldabout +H>s?Someone Masf kavecoa4 go back +o sleepAO reason 4o gel up his early OA a Saturday 4-her...what time*?-pcase-pleasebody, wfcy aid you woke me up IhJs early?cIoa*4 you luiow iVS Saturday?Sooa j morning Video games!be no an adult
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