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/iSTER PeMNIO? \ HtAM> Vi'S (* LAM DA4 AfJt> I JUST WAJ1tt> To talk..,gif with a story,janitor

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gif with a story,janitor

VjEUL,VWt 6ttM THROUGHA LOT TC6THtR - AMD 1 <Tan\ Lift Without Sbo~,gif with a story,janitor

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gif with a story,janitor

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No\*.<a(\l0Fhir\9 is onoce FriqhTervrNgFo you Fhar\ your owr\poFer\Fial. ^ou siF aF FhaFdesk ar\d cower aF "the prospect of* loeco/y>ir\9 yourhigher self*. This joio hasloeco^e a sy^lool of* your Fear To live/ your Fear Fo pursue your dreads.for/m (5 wea+par\+s .co/v>,job,formal
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