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I just found out there is a Russian Joyreactor and it looks much larger than this one
So Joyreactor actually started out as a Russian site and then they made an English version?
I always thought this site had something to do with Russians but i didn't expect this
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hmm.. so you can watch otehr favorites... xD
wait a moment... shieet. Or yolo, havefun
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Great JoyReactor is mutating to an anime-soft-porn-site.
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:) Made it myself
INTERNETYOUJOYR E ACTOR. COM,squirrel,joyreactor
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then we see that most of the users here is Russian, and comes from the original website ... and there thing it really catches fire, wanted to know Russian to understand some things .. the translator does not help much in those hours .. the cool thing is you have new people coming in here .. I hope they continue with posts as I try to continue .. and take things forward, I do not know, I just like this place and the people here..
and I understand English well so.. yeah.. thats it :)
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Hey guys,
The idea of having joyreactor in english is pretty cool and gives many perspectives, but the thing is that english speakers are still gonna visit 9gag etc more often, since they are more popular. I will try to share the link of eng Joyreactor to my friends, but yeah.. Maybe you should stick to the russian version and improve it more and more? I might be wrong because i dont know the statistics and stuff. Lets hope it will turn out this way)
Thanks for your attention
Good luck
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