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Who's thereKnock KnockWhat do you want?How many of you are there?Then talk to each other,joke,knock knock,police,talk,funny pictures
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banana comics Angry at Nothing habits cruelty knock knock,banana,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,Angry at Nothing,habits,cruelty,knock knock

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V(r\ocK y(irvoctf ^,rock,Pokemon,fandoms,comic,knock knock
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75 /SA.04 SoftfcV, TWfcT' 4 ^ 4404-^4 .VWVAV 0\* N00 SSCAUSS 7BffOfVSMcuAM&ep ei/exYn/WG.,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,SMBC,saturday morning breakfast cereal,terrorism,knock knock,joke
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Walt do you wanna hear a joke?. _ISureKnock knomw;I AM THE ONE WHO KNOCKS! ~,funny pictures,auto,Breaking Bad,joke,knock knock
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funny pictures,auto,knock knock,Britney Spears,texting,song
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funny pictures auto oh crap spiderp man wat face retarded face wait a minute face dude come on knock knock remember ...rage comics 

funny pictures,auto,rage comics,oh crap,spiderp man,wat face,retarded face,wait a minute face,dude come on,knock knock,remember
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*at school* hey herp I know a great knock knock joke but you have to start itok sure, knock knock who's there? s. rmn,H / /ry CHHCHHH {k ^ sr 4 __ IwfCHH V /SSST( -\Vrrrrr \ f 0p JOJone wav to j (X-/ Y restore the / ^ ^ | balance. I must I 'S1 ^' / troll my father*at le dinner table* hey
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