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Labeled and Misunderstood
TARDAASAOh sure/Just because I don't wear three layers oP make-up or Pashionable clothes or style my hair!Because I like baggy clothes and video games and beer and I have oppinions then oP coooourse I must 4^ be gayf1/I'm so tired oP people incorrectly labeling me gay just because I'm not a total
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America's States.
shington??lave so manoadkilhvolfm somethiis aroun iewheretnis is like / mfssoula / ormaryland or Mississippi or siome shit \ starting with m! I rectangleIs THIS one ~maryland? I ...horth dakota?montannawibbly rectanglthe places where the,border making! peopl^goTcfrunk and 0 couldn'ldraw straight
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