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In a lecture: So who can tell me why derp is correct? #! f: V / fprof# ' Me 1 \{ I think it's because o^ Aherp. . . should I answey i^ \ \, / Anyone? ps A P5? v i 1 jI'm sure it's herp... It's gottaj be! I'd stake my life on it. I J should really answer. /L O Come on guys. ^TA rt Someone's I ---
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Walking home from the bar, as drunk as physically possible ^S)Policcman appears out of fucking nowhereWhat: are you doing out here at 2 A.M sir? n ^ 1 IIm going to a lecture. (^)And who exactly gives lectures at this hour then?My wifeRAGEBUILDER.COM,funny pictures,auto,rage comics,yao ming face,wat
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