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like a sir

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Like a Sir or Like a Boss?
Like a Sir!
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Like a Boss!
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"C'mon barbieAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWW"what happens when you die, Daddy?""C'mere.""No one really knows what happens after you die. Most religions have some form ofheaven.""Where you'11 get to be with everyone you love who has died before you."UncleDaveThe baby squirrel we hit that one time"Another says
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Taking a, where usually have greatest **When suddenly-Get out son your wasting water do know how much it costs to abllbblabl blablablabla1,funny pictures,auto,rage comics,oh crap,wat face,okay guy,rage face,like a sir,shower
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What I've learned from rage comics over the years. <& 1 1 Boring...The difference between a girl and a guy, is simply hair.Hard work or concentration is grounds for your tongue being out / of your mouth. (b<^ {* )A good poker face will get you out of anything. POK^R FACE poker fVceAll classy
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Me at art class "This is ourmaterial forperfectly drawn class"Drawing hand eh.This should he easy enough"/7>x,funny pictures,auto,rage comics,yao ming,poker,concentrated face,like a sir,straight face,class,art,beautiful pictures,drawing
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