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The Most Photographed Places In The World


Happiness Map


Hottest And Sexiest Women By Country

eenbothGreenlandSiberiaHottest and Sexiest \Hottest anc Sexiest '.von2. Sexy3. Normal Sexy4. Low SexyAUSTRALIAr" TARGET MAP,maps,interesting

Red Hair Map of Europe


How Many Beers Will Minimum Wage Get You In Europe?

0-100101-200201-3001301-500500 and aboveNo data or no national minimum wageTwitlcn aderu Keddil: adiluRussia - 90How many beers can you buy with monthly minimum wage?Based on data from: http//|/I.ist_of_ minimum_wages_by* htlp//www.pintprice.conV* Germany does not yet

Metal Bands Per 100,000 People

53.226.23 Metal Bands 11.76 per4.66 100.0001.56 peop,e0.410.070.010.0010V,,maps,interesting

Google Autocomplete Results: Europe

Why is [country] so...?'eacefulSmartHappySuicidal.Green,WeakWealthy \ AtheistSmalleautifulRacistEmpty'Important.'Cheap,ExpensiveDangerous,maps,interesting

Google Autocomplete Results: USA

liberalexpensiveexpensivesmalltaunteddemocraticboringboringrichrepublicanGoogle autocomplete results:"Why is [state] so...",maps,interesting

Google Autocomplete Results: Asia

-'TfVn Eurovision\ygcalled Turkeycalledtha^ss< important^a failed3, threat Cat wa:\ , so richSs*rtan X' A^f so rich\.Jso dcnsly \ A.imporpopulated'iJfagainst Iran'vimpbrtantso pollutedimportantiportanT^important^jjot part of the UN "* so richthe philippineslous called (thc rice bowl of Asia^ rN\

People In The EU, Aged 25-34, Who Still Live With Their Parents

Share of young people aged 25-34 living with parentsLEGEND <10% 10%-20% 20%-30%30%*40% n 40%-50% | >50%\4.2%1.8%4.1%17.3%L20.2%\'34.5%33.5%43.2%33.7%11.5*21.8% f 43.0%44.4%37.2%,46.6%48.9%52.8%v' 4I30.4%,maps,interesting

Where To Be Born Index

Better places to be bornWorse places to be born,maps,interesting

Cigarettes Smoked Per Person


Monarchies in the World

#Monarch is head of stateMonarch is figurehead^Monarch has some powersU.K. Commonwealth (figurehead) No monarchy,maps,interesting

Global Distribution Of Atheists

Share of people who say they consider themselves a convinced atheist,maps,interesting

Europe vs USA: Sunshine Duration In Hours Per Year

Europe vs the United States Sunshine duration in hours per year. < 12001200-16002600-18001800-20002000-25002500-30003000-35003500+,maps,interesting
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maps USA United States british stereotypes 

The Stereotype Map Of Every U.S. State — According To British People
NOT THAT \NAaW*'*rUt,.i,\N 1 Wee0-6ED_tAADE Up?9' C.HEfc- &* y- coweo^ / *4* % J ^,4 :> ,0 *^:^ <C<\ /^^A/cvVl^OToF^ORECO^W^X> 3 A/S \^ \ ... Go^. V* Mo%4(ns So COV*0 so\ V w^G> HHERE? ^"|51^rs^.*/c*_Inking Sso^^VV K*V 5 m X - * FAKE,R,Sw***-' 1^/ Privilege s*v ^ .**>*14 >*> %*f*XH> s
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maps USA states achievements best 

What is your state the best at?
Lowest murder and poverty ratesBest workforce talentLowest C02 EmissionsBestState for cat ownersLowest HIV/AIDS rateBest road conditionsHighest high school diploma completionBest housing marketsHighestbachelordegreecompletionBest ruraldevelopmentprogramsLowestoverall crime rateLowest Suicide
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maps USA worst states achievements nsfw 

What is your state the worse at?
Worst sex trafficking lawsmost Iraq \ casualtiesWorst capital marketsMost workplacefatalitiesWorststatefor smallbusiness Highestalcohol abusedependencyMost racial disparity in criminal"arrestsWorstMostState for toxica weaponMost air pollution I L- -jnonprofit chemicals,-1*/highest/Worst emergency
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australia maps world size comparison 

Australia. A lot larger than you think
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comics Dark Lord castle map 

comics,funny comics &amp; strips, cartoons,Dark Lord,castle,map
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map trip adventure decision lolnein comics 

Kunert 1b \ i. Al1 ^ w,map,trip,adventure,decision,lolnein,comics,funny comics &amp; strips, cartoons
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maps population density 

Each Color in this Image Represents 1 Billion People
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maps europe 

American map of Europe. Find what's wrong or ask me
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maps population density 

World Map Adjusted for Population Size (1 grid square = 1 million people)
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