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geek taco bell chalupa chupacabra meme twitter mashup 

I'm in

human aaronjm @humanaaroncopywriter: you're familiar with the Hamburglar?Taco Bell exec: of coursecopywriter: introducing the ChalupacabraTaco Bell exec: I'm gonna kiss you on the mouth10:52 AM 2/16/20 Twitter for iPhone501 Retweets 2,733 Likes,geek,taco bell,chalupa,chupacabra,meme,twitter,mashup
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art geek mashup Robocop boat water cop 

PART MAN, PART BOAT, ALL COP.,art,beautiful pictures,geek,mashup,Robocop,boat,water,cop
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art geek mashup state farm Éclair tapeworm 

You can get these in some countries

art,beautiful pictures,geek,mashup,state farm,Éclair,tapeworm
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art geek mashup kfc colonel sanders run DMC 

I would love some KFC right now

art,beautiful pictures,geek,mashup,kfc,colonel sanders,run DMC
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comics art geek mashup it christmas vacation 

Shitter was full, classic line

comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,art,beautiful pictures,geek,mashup,it,christmas,vacation
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art geek animal squirrel moose mashup 

If Rocky and Bullwinkle had a baby

art,beautiful pictures,geek,animal,squirrel,moose,mashup
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art geek movie mashups mashup Star Wars fandoms planet of the apes ape 

art,beautiful pictures,geek,movie,mashups,mashup,Star Wars,fandoms,planet of the apes,ape
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art geek meme king of the hill tv shows hank hill tiger tiger king mashup 

art,beautiful pictures,geek,meme,king of the hill,tv shows,hank hill,tiger,tiger king,mashup
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comics art geek cartoon venn diagram mashup shrek leila minions m&m ...movies 

comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,art,beautiful pictures,geek,cartoon,venn diagram,mashup,shrek,movies,leila,minions,m&m
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disney princess disney mashup 

Disney Princesses Re-Imagined As Pop Culture Heroines.

Ariel as Black Widow, Mulan as Xena, Rapunzel as Sailor Moon, Aurora as Daenerys Targaryen, Snow White as Wonder Woman, Jasmine as Chun-Li, Tiana as Avatar Korra, Pocahontas as Katniss Everdeen, Belle as Hermione Granger, Cinderella as Annabeth Chase, Merida as Rogue
Isaiah StephensIsaiah Stephens,disney princess,disney,mashup
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