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Proud to be a Pervert and Sex Offender!

Proud to be a Pervert and Sex Offender!
I am so proud of the fact that I am a Pervert and Sex Offender. For over 50 years I have exposed myself to many people and have earned this glorious title: Sex Offender!!!
Love to look at pics of young girls in the nude. I scout various nudist sites and find pics of girls that I assume are legal to look at. I find no reason that I can't look at these without suffering from the usual "political correctness" about such things!
I love to expose myself to the sweet young things and masturbate for them. What a joyous opportunity to share with them the excitement of me stroking and cumming for them!

I'm willing and able to expose myself, and have been seen and accosted recently by a woman who watched me. This really substantiated my sex offender status, an award that I wear proudly! Other than NOT being arrested, this was the best thing that has ever happened to me....!
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Masturbate before making important relationship decisions.,funny pictures,auto,jokes,fap,masturbation,masturbate,relationship
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