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Isaac At Life comics babysitter kids misunderstanding 

THANK YOU FOR BABYSITTING!NO PROBLEM!SO! WHAT DO YOU GUYS WAKJKJA DO?IVyou GUYS fAIT THEREWHILE I COOK DIMMER& ^smISAAC? ,HONEY... CALL THE POLICE.,Isaac At Life,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,babysitter,kids,children,misunderstanding
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Unearthed Comics comics father's day misunderstanding take out food 

Unearthed Comics,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,father's day,misunderstanding,take out,food,meal
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ease dropping misunderstanding dog fapping girls funny sounds sandbox 

Happy Soundscav, have vouSEEN JOSEPH?no... HE'S BEEN ' LOCKEP AWAV in HIS ROOM POR PA/S, TALKin6 TO HirnSELP Anp,ease dropping,misunderstanding,dog,fapping,girls,funny sounds,sandbox
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horseback bareback condoms misunderstanding mercworks comics sandbox 

THE HORSE HAS ^ ASAOOLEON.YEAH, BUT I'M NOT WEARING A CONDOM,mercworks.net,horseback,bareback,condoms,misunderstanding,mercworks,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,sandbox
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